Next Text Mask Module

Mask text with your favourite picture to add extra value and grab the attention of visitors. Increase the value of a plain text with just masking with a relevant picture. Proper masking would convey the message more successfully than plain texts.

Number 1 Divi Plugin for Masking Text

Text masking would be an effective way to communicate with visitors. Visitors could be more attentive to the masked text.

Convert your visitors

 Masking your content with proper picture would convert your visitors to loyal customers. Conversion is not easy all the time. But if you know the psychology of our visitors and reflect that with picture with text masking. It would be a great way to convert your visitors.

Focus your text

Focusing the text would be in different ways. One of the best ways is to mask the text with a relevant colourful picture. The focus would be in any was like highlight, gradient, etc. But when you mask the text with a nice picture it would make the visitors more interested to focus on text and any other ways.

In-depth communication

Communication with the visitors would be an extra benefit of properly masked text that starts from the combination of picture and text. visual communication is more effective than text reading. Text mask creates this feeling that someone is watching the picture but actually he is reading.

100% Customization Control

You will get strong control to select any image to mask the text. You will also be able to rotate text vertically to increase the diversification of design. Enjoy the freedom to select any image, change color, background selection and hover effect with this module.

Mask Important Text With Next Texts Mask Module













Mask The Heading of Paragraph

Easily mask the headline of the paragraph with a relevant picture to increase attention-grabbing capacity. Take your copy to create something different with image & Texts.