Next Texts Hover Effects

Simply change the styles, colours, and shape of text with the mouse arrow. Without any doubt, the idea of the hover effect is knocking to your mind. Divi Next Text plugin has introduced more than 20 different hover effects with its different modules.

Next Text

Hover Effects

More Than 20 Hover Effects With Each Module

You can give your website more depth and a hands-on feel with hover effect, Easily add trendy features with different hover effect styles. Give a next level feeling to your users with stylish hover effect through a button, pictures, animation, etc.

High Conversation

Hover effect with other designs on texts would convert visitors to your customers. The proportion of this conversation would be higher than just simple text design.

Attention grabbing power

Proper choice of hover effect would grab your visitor’s attention. Even your website bounce rate would be reduced with proper hover effect.

Communicate with visitors

Hover effect would have proper impact on the communication with the visitors. You can easily pass the indepth message of the word with proper selection of hover effect.

Enjoy The Freedom to Use Hover Effect With Each Text Module of Divi Next Texts Plugin




Pulse Shrink

Pulse Grow



Bounce In

Bounce Out


Grow Rotate






Skew Forward

Skew Backward

Wobble Horizontal

Wobble Vertical

Wobble To Bottom Right

Wobble To Top Right

Wobble Top

Wobble Bottom

Wobble Skew


Buzz Out



Take The Plugin Now to Enjoy The Hover Effects With Each Five Text Modules.

Hover effect could increase the appeal of the text. When the hover is added with text it attracts the visitors than the other plain texts.