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Divi Next brings you every possible way of ‘Typography’ designs using our design tools that come with Divi Next Text Module.

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Next Text Modules

Our years of experience in design and development helps to bring you well crafted sets of modules. We assure you elegant look and feel to your websites; this comes without spending too much time

Text Animation

Text Highlight


Gradient Text


Text Mask


Multi Heading

Text Stroke Motion

Glitch Text


 Text Divider


Text Tilt


Text Color Motion


Text Hover Highlight

Text Stroke

Stay Tuned For A Lot More Amazing Modules Coming Soon!

Text Animation Module

Animate your website’s texts to reflect messages effectively. Cover texts with attractive animation to engage your visitors with interest. Enjoy the freedom to convey messages through different animation styles.

Slide down Slide down


Spiral Spiral


Drop in Drop in


Flow Flow


Loading Bar


Clip Clip


Flip Flip


Push Push


Swirl Swirl


Typing Typing

Text Highlight Module

Do you recall the moments when we used to highlight important information in our textbooks to help us remember that information during our exams?

Just like that you can help your clients/ users by highlighting important information you want them to remember using our “Text-Highlight Module”.

Feel free to use the various styles we provide for specific information or points in your texts. Using the “Highlight Module” is super easy and user-friendly; this helps the texts look even more appealing to your users when they read.


Curly Line




Double line

Wave Asset 4

Spiral Asset 6

Brush Asset 10




Brickwall Asset 1

Splash Asset 3

Gradient Texts Module

Want to have an attractive blend of colors on your texts? 
Our ‘Gradient Text Module’, offers you the fast and easy way to mix colors of your liking to your texts.
Take the liberty to have your clients trip on colors you add on your website. 

We make sure you get to have it your way with the various options you have the opportunity to pick from.

Text Mask Module

Mask texts with relevant images to appeal to the clients and users of your website. We assure you it looks way more attractive than it sounds. Feel free to have a look at some of the examples we presented here for you.

A fast and easy-to-use ‘Photoshop feature’ for you to make it more hassle-free and this is less-time-consuming for all beginners and professionals who love to design.

Multi Heading Module

Now you can enjoy the freedom to use different styles and hover effects on each word of a whole heading by using our very own, DiveNext’s ‘Multi-Heading Module’. 

This allows you to edit your heading which can have three parts and each part of that ‘one heading’ can have separate features added to them, just by using DiviNext’s ‘Multi-Heading Module.’

Text Stroke Motion

Divi Next is providing various ways for you to make your website look just the way you like it. 

With Next’s Stroke Motion, you can add animated patterns that accentuate your texts.

Text Glitch Module

Want to put an interesting and unique glitch effect on your texts and add links that lead to the desired page? Maybe a background too and have fun with the unique styles that come from this module? 

We bring you ‘Next Text Glitch’ Module, this allows you to pick a glitch effect from the very many styles of glitch effect available from Next Text Glitch.

Text Color Motion Module

A unique module that allows the user to animate the color selected for the texts. With two different styles available right now, and many updates to come, stay with us and experience the colorful creative texts that make your website’s texts bloom.

Text Tilt Module

Do you want to give a 3D-like effect on your texts? 

With Next’s Text Tilt Module, you can add a title and body text and with your cursor hovering on it; you will get a 3D-like feel and the characters will bounce off the surface enunciating the content you will put here.

Text Stroke Module

The ‘Next Text Stroke’, allows the designer to add a fill color that will appear with a hover effect of the user’s choice. With motion inside the letters of your contents, it is an interesting effect for texts.If you want to make your texts eye-catching using this unique effect, go ahead and give this a try and you will be amazed.

Text Divider Module

Make use of Divi Next Text Divider to accentuate your text for your pages. What it does is similar to a text separator and makes it look brilliantly sleek and adds a more professional look and feel to your company’s branding.

Hover Highlight Module

Highlight the texts in a more interesting manner using ‘Divi Next Text Hover Highlight’. A creative part about this module is how it highlights texts when the cursor hovers over the text. A sleek addition to our collection of modules under ‘Divi Next Text Plugins’.

Hover Effect

Simply make your texts playful and appealing to your users and clients as their cursors run across to make the texts dance with the ‘Hover Effect’ feature. Change the style, color, and have the shapes of the texts move in various ways by just moving the cursor on the words. 

DiviNext Text Plugin, has introduced more than 24 different hover effects within various modules.

Common Features of All Modules

All the modules have these common features:


Text All Module Features

The incredible features of the ‘Divi Next Text’ plugin would allow you to create relevant and attractive text for your website.

No Coding Required

You don’t need to know a single line of coding to use the text modules to create unique text. In very simple ways, you can utilize our creative collection of design tools as other Divi users do.

Create Unlimited Typography Design

You can create unlimited text designs using your creativity through the Divi Next Text modules. The unique features and user-friendly design tools are great reasons to use these modules for your website.

Dynamic Content

Dynamic content is a superb feature by Divi Next Text modules. Easily relate the dynamic content to the texts through Divi Next Text modules. Just reduce the efforts and increase the effectivity with dynamic content.

Responsive Module

As a result of the increased use of tablets and mobile phones, responsiveness is a crucial issue for the website content. Next Text modules will allow you to create responsive professional typography.

Easily Create and Modify Typography

Modifying typography is made super-easy using the Divi Next Text modules. With small easy steps, you can bring professional look on your website’s typography.

Regular Updates and Fast Friendly Support

Our team of expert programmers and developers are always ready to provide you with immediate solutions needed to improve the modules that you have purchased for your company website.

Advanced Filters and Blend Mode

The perfect blending of colors would make an awesome text to attract visitors. The filters would add more specialty to the text. It is very simple to blend colors in the typography design.

Transform Control

An attractive impression would be created through the transform control feature of the modules.
You can easily control the dimension of the design with the transform control.

Animation Effect

Make text look unique from other general text using an animation effect. Easily apply animation on the text using our versatile creative design tools.